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Scroll down to find a quick summary and full tournament results for each tournament. 


Boater / Non-boater Current Pairings Spreadsheet & Pairing Process.

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CT River Haddam - 6.27.20 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​

Sponsored by The Cambridge House Brew Pub


SUMMARY Mick Curran one of club's top non-boaters takes the win with 11.20 lbs of largemouth!  Mick won from the back of the boat at one of last year's River tournaments as well!  Mike Swirzewski grabbed second place in his very first tournament out of his own boat with 9.44 lbs.  New member, TJ Slowkowski took home 3rd in his very first bass fishing tournament with 9.28 lbs!  Mick took lunker with a giant 5.26 lb river largemouth!  Congrats!


Twin Lakes  - 7.18.2020 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​

Sponsored by... Domenic & Vinnie's Pizzeria


SUMMARY:  Another non-boater victory as Justin Blejewski took top honors with 8.46 lbs.  Mike Swirzewski grabbed another 2nd place finish with 8.41 lbs while Ahmed Behery took home 3rd from the back of the boat with 7.44 lbs.  Justin also took lunker with a 5.00 largemouth!  Congrats!

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Candlewood Lake 1  - 8.8.2020 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​

Sponsored by...CT Casualty Company


SUMMARY:  Mike Sw follows back-to-back 2nd place finishes with his first ever win!  He brought in an impressive 19.06 lbs of Candlewood bass to the scales!  Abe grabbed 2nd place flipping up 15.68 lbs while Jim Young, even with a late start due to technical problems, took home 3rd with 15.52 lbs.  Mike Texeira landed a MONSTER 6.84 lb largemouth from the back of the boat to take lunker.  Congrats!

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Lake Zoar  - 8.22.2020 - 6:00am - 2:00pm​


SUMMARY:  New member, Tom LaPorta got his first CT Sweetwater victory with an impressive bag of 11.72 lbs on a stingy Lake Zoar!  Sal Messina took 2nd place with 9.35 lbs and Mike Sw captured 3rd with 5.95 lbs.  Mike Sw also got lunker with a nice 4.02 lb largie.  Congrats!  At the half way point in this season, Mike Swirzewski has a commanding 16 point lead in AOY over 2nd place Tom Laporta.  Marc Lampkin is in 3rd place 25 points back.  

Congamond Lakes  - 9.19.2020 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY:  Jim Young takes home our 5th tournament of the season with a 12.90 lb bag of largies.  Nate Casarella grabs second with 9.96, while Ahmed Behery takes 3rd place with 9.14 lbs.  Shayne Smyth had lunker with a 3.94 lb largie.  Congrats! 

Candlewood Lake 2  - 9.26.2020 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY:  Mick takes another tournament from the back of the boat with 12.42 lbs!  Marc got 2nd place while Sal finished 3rd.  Mick grabbed lunker honors with a 3.74 lb bass!  Congrats!

Lake Lillinonah  - 10.17.2020 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY:  Quinn Bannon secured his first Sweetwater Victory with a 9.40 mixed bag - congrats!  Mike Swirzewski takes home second with only 2 fish (1 giant 4.94 lb smallie that is smallie lunker of the year-to-date), but more importantly wraps up AOY no matter what happens in our final tournament.  A big congratulations to Mike for his first AOY title in his first year as a boater!  Eric Lee grabs his first podium finish taking third with 7.72 lbs.  It's a race for 2nd place AOY in our final tournament of the year at Candlewood.

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Candlewood Lake  - 11.7.2020 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY:  On a very stingy unseasonably warm mid-fall day, Nate Casarella grinded out a victory, followed by Ahmed Behery (who also took club lunker with a 3.28 lb smallie).  Rounding out third was Marc Lampkin, whose weight was enough to carry him to a 2nd place AOY finish in a full season weight tie-breaker with Nate Casarella.  Congrats again to CT Sweetwater's 2020 Angler of the year - Mike Swirzewski.  Our tournaments for 2021 have been submitted.  See you all in the spring!  

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