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2016 Tournaments

This page lists this year's Connecticut Sweetwater Bass Tournaments.  A quick summary of the results is available for each tournament.  To view the complete results, please see the photograph of the tournament spreadsheet in the corresponding slideshow of images

Bantam Lake  4.23.16


It was a tough tourney after a front came through the previous day.  Mike S had a monstrous 19.61 winning bag, while Dave G picked up 2nd with a solid 12 and change.  Mike I rounded out 3rd place and took lunker with a 6.22 LMB.  Nice fish!


McDonough Lake  5.14.16


Fish were on beds, but no true lunkers for this tourney.  Harry took 1st with 10.99, Ernie took 2nd with 10.61 while Mike Sw got third with a solid 10.22 from the back of the boat.  congrats to Mike S. and Mike Sw. on top team weight of 20.13.  We had 12 limits yet the biggest bag only went 10.99!  Adrian grabbed lunker with a nice 3.18 largie from the back of the boat. 

Lake ZOar  6.4.16


It was the tail-end of spawn and the fish were not biting.  Plus, there were a lot of boats out there thanks to the sunny warm weather and an unposted tournament.  Mike I was able to catch 7.89 lbs, and after some penalties he still took 1st with 6.89.  Nate took second with four fish for 6.40.  Marc was a CLOSE 3rd with 6.36.  Dave caught lunker (if you want to call it that) with a 2.41 smallie.  It's early, but Mike I is in the lead for AOY, followed closely by Mike S while Nate is in 3rd.  Full year-to-date AOY standings can be accessed at the top of the page.

  CT River 6.18.16
Harry picks up his 2nd win of the season with 9.61.  Mike I picked up another 2nd place finish, while Marc picked up 3rd place and lunker.  It's half way through the season and Mike I has a good lead in AOY (20 more points than Mike S).  However, he's already used his drop with a DNF at McDonough.  Check out the Year-to-Date standings at the top of the page. 
  Lake Lillinonah  7.23.16

Mike S dominates for the 2nd time this season taking 1st place and lunker.  His 14.51 lbs  doubled the weight of Ernie in 2nd.  Bailey took 3rd with 7.21.  Those who did well caught fish out deep, while those who stayed shallow had to grind it out.   

 Bantam Lake 2 8.27.16

Mike S. goes back-to-back for his third tournament win of the season! Mike I. finishes 2nd while Roland picks up an impressive 3rd from the back of the boat.  Bailey ends up taking lunker with a 4.34 largemouth.  Mike S. has 481 pts after 1 drop compared to Mike I. who has 471 pts after 1 drop.  It's a 10 point lead for AOY with 2 tournaments left!



 Highland Lake 10.1.16

Tough Tourney for sure.  Mike I took it home with 9.09lbs.  Mike S was second with 7.24lbs, while Adrian picks up 3rd from the back of the boat with 6.12lbs.  Ernie took lunker with a 2.76lb bass.  Only four points separate Mike S and Mike I going into the final tournament.  Check out the YTD standings at the top of the page.

  Candlewood Lake 10.16.16   * Lattins - SUNDAY TOURNEY*

Mike I took his 3rd tournament win of the year with a nice 16.76 bag of smallies.  Cedric took an impressive 2nd place from the back of the boat with 8.33, while Nate grabbed third with 8.03.  Dave got lunker smallie for the tournament AND the year with a nice 4.79 chunk.  Mike I trailed by four points in the AOY standings coming into this final tournament.  However, his dominant win pole-vaulted him to the top of the standings for his first Sweetwater Angler of the Year.  Congrats!

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