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Club Forms

If you're interested in becoming a member, here's an electronic application.  The document was created in Microsoft Word a while back, then uploaded to GoogleDocs.  When you look at it in your browser, the text might be messed up.  If you're having trouble viewing the application in GoogleDocs, just click on the Microsoft Word Icon below to download the application as a Microsoft Word Document. (you'll have to snail mail the word application)

CSWB Tournament Weigh-in Blank Template

For Tournament Directors who need blank templates for recording weights in future tournaments, click the button below to access or download the .pdf file.

CSWB Open Tournament / Derby Applications

coming soon...

CT Sweetwater Bass Tournament Day Launch & Check-in Procedure

This is a helpful 'cheatsheet' for new or novice club members

CT Sweetwater Bass Meeting Agenda Template

For Secretary or President to be referenced/distributed at meetings


Print the PDF file, fill it in, then mail it by the deadline.  

CT LAW - Hunter [Fisherman] Harassment Law

Click the button below to take you to Connecticut's Hunter [Fisherman] Harrassment Law.  You can read it word-for-word from your phone on the water when you feel you are being unlawfully harassed by an individual.  

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