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Below, a quick summary and full tournament results are available for each tournament.  2018 BOATER PAIRING PROCESS  - Random Selection (using software).  No unpaired boater consecutive tournaments; no same pairing two in a row 

CT Sweetwater Bass Club Tournament Trail - 2018

Lake Lillinonah - Steel Bridge - 4/28 (7-3)

Lake Zoar - State Launch - 5/19 (6:30-2:30)

CT River - Haddam - 6/16 (6-2) 

Highland - State Launch - 6/23 (6:30-2:30)

CWood - Squantz - 7/21 (7:30-3:30)

CWood - Lattins - 8/11 (7-3)

Amos - State Launch - 9/22 (7-3)

CWood - Squantz- 9/29 (7:30-3:30)

CT B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament Trail - 2018 (optional to club members)

Candlewood Lake - Squantz - 5/6/18 (8-3pm)...mailing deadline 4/21

CT River - Haddam Meadows  - 6/10/18 (7-3pm)...mailing deadline 5/26

CT River - Squantz - 7/8/18 (8-3pm)...mailing deadline 6/23

Lake Lillinonah - 4.28.18 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY Marc L took home CT Sweetwater's first tournament of the year with 13.14 lbs.  Mike I took 2nd place with 12.32 and lunker with a chunk 5.01 Smallie.  Jim Young took 3rd with 11.97lbs.  

Lake Zoar - 5.19.18 - 6:30am - 02:30pm


SUMMARY:  What a tough rainy day at Lake Zoar!  Congratulations to Mick who won this tournament from the back of the boat with 7.57lbs!  Dan L took second place with 7.30.  Jim Young took home 3rd with 6.86.  

CT River (Haddam) - 6.16.18 - 6:00am - 2:00pm


SUMMARY: Nate took first place and lunker with 11.91 lbs anchored by a 4.47lb largemouth.  Mike I was a close second with 11.35 lbs.  After winning the last tournament, Mick, has another impressive outing, weighing 10.31 lbs - good enough for top non-boater and third place!  

Highland Lake  - 6.23.18 - 6:30am - 2:30pm


SUMMARY:  Dan L gets his first Sweetwater Victory with 12.09 lbs!  He carried lunker as well with a 3.22 lb largemouth bass.  Mike I comes up just short yet again with 11.93 lbs for second place.  Nate took third with 10.60 lbs of largemouth bass.  At the halfway point, Dan L is in first place for the 2018  Angler of the Year by 1 point with 300 pts (dropping lowest tourney).  Mike I is in 2nd place with 299 points, while Nate is in third with 297 points.  

Candlewood (Squantz) - 7.21.18 - 7:30am - 03:30pm


SUMMARY:  Mike, Dan and Nate finish top 3 again, but this time Mike I takes the victory with 16.31 lbs.  Dan finishes in 2nd place with 15.37 lbs while Nate takes 3rd place with 14.82 lbs.  Jeremiah took lunker with a 5.37 lunker.  

Candlewood (Lattins) - 8.11.18 - 7:00am - 3:00pm


SUMMARY: Nate gets his second win of the year with 16.10 lbs!  Newcomer Mark takes second with 15.65, while Jim earns third place with 14.66 lbs.  Ernie took lunker with a 4.58 smallie.  Mickey gets top non-boater yet again with 13.32.  Congrats!

Anchor 1

Amos Lake - 9.22.18 - 7:00am - 3:00pm


SUMMARY: Dan Luman crushed the field and set a club record for heaviest 5 bass limit with 20.09 lbs!  Mike I came in second with 10.41, while Ernie took third place with 5.60.  Dan grabbed lunker with a 5.11 largemouth.  Justin got top non-boater with a 5th place finish. Mike I has a 6 point AOY lead over Dan going into the final tournament of the year!

Candlewood (Squantz) - 9.29.18 - 7:30am - 3:30pm


SUMMARY:  A front pushed through making fishing extremely tough, but Mike I was able to put together 10.93 lbs of smallmouth for the victory.  Nate came in second with 9.51 while Mark M caught 7.93 for third.  Mike I had lunker with a 4.30 lb smallie.  Dan S was top non-boater.  Mike I finishes with 700 pts to earn AOY for a third consecutive year!  Dan L had 678 points for 2nd place and Nate had 677 points for third.  Congrats to all!

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