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Scroll down to find a quick summary and full tournament results for each tournament. 


CT Sweetwater Bass Tournament Trail - 2023


4/22/23 - Lillinonah 1: 7:30am - 3:30pm 
5/20/23 - CT River 1 (Haddam Meadows): 7:00am - 3:00pm
6/03/23 - Candlewood 1 (Squantz): 7:00am - 3:00pm updated
6/17/23 - Lake Zoar: 7:00am - 3:00pm
7/22/23 - Candlewood (moved from River): 7:30am - 3:30pm
8/12/23 - Lillinonah 2 (Steel Bridge): 6:00am - 2:00pm
9/30/23 - Highland Lake: 7:00am - 3:00pm
10/21/23 - Candlewood 2 (Squantz): 7:30am - 3:30pm


CT B.A.S.S. Nation Tournaments - 2023 (optional to club members)

CBN Trail 1 - Candlewood - 4/16/23 (mail in date: 4/2/23)

CBN Trail 2 - Candlewood - 5/7/23 (mail in date: 4/23/23)

CBN Trail 3 - CT River - 6/18/23 (mail in date: 6/4/23)

CBN Mr. BASS - TBA - 7/9/23  *top 2 anglers in Sweetwater AOY 2022 final standings qualify as boater & non-boater

CBN Classic - CT River - 8/6/23   *must qualify through finish on this year's CBN trail finish

CBN 2-Day State Championship -  Cwood - 9/9/23 & 9/10/23  (mail in date: 9/26/23) *any CBN member willing to pay entry

CBN Banquet is TBD - see CBN Rep for more details


For Boater / Non-boater Current Pairings Spreadsheet & Pairing Process, please reach out to Jim Young our current Tournament Director.

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1. Lillinonah           04/22/2023 :  730am - 330pm​




Dave Gontarz comes away with the win bringing 11.70 lbs of smallmouth to the scales.  Sal Messina grabs 2nd with 8.09 lbs of smallies, but rounding out third required largemouth.  Mike Swirzewski caught 1 giant largemouth weighing 6.72 lbs not only good enough for lunker, but third place.  Full Results are available by clicking the link above.  Congrats to all! 

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2. CT River (Haddam)        05/20/2023 :  700am - 300pm​




Sal Messina grabbed the W with a 14.52 lbs!  Second place went to non-boater Mick with 12.31 lbs and only .01 lbs behind was Dave at 12.30 for 3rd.  Lunker bass was 5.52 lbs caught by Mick.  Congrats to all!  Images are still making their way in, and we'll be able to share those on a shared google slideshow.  Wix capped our images and won't let us upload any more without paying a fortune.  

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3. Candlewood        06/03/2023 :  700am - 300pm​




Dallas Sherman captured his first CT Sweetwater victory from the back of the boat no less!  He brought 13.75 lbs to the scales while Marc Lampkin was a close second with 13.42 lbs.  Rounding out third was Jim Young with 13.10 lbs.  TJ Slowkowski took home lunker with a 4.45 lb largemouth.  Congrats to all!  

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4. Zoar                                       06/17/2023 :  700am - 300pm​




Tom Laporta dominates Zoar for a second year in a row with 11.51 lbs.  Ben DelVecchia grabbed 2nd place with 6.48.  Mike was a close 3rd with 6.41 lbs, but he did grab lunker with a 3.85 largemouth.  Congrats to all!  

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5. Candlewood 2 moved from CT River                                                                                                  07/22/2023 : 730am - 330pm​




Marc Lampkin took the W with a 14.59 sack.  Ryan Aldieri grabbed 2nd with 13.84 lbs and a giant 6.68 LMB for club lunker.  Third place went to Ben DelVecchia with 13.27 lbs.  Congrats to all! 

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6. Lillinonah 2            08/12/2023 : 600am - 200pm​




Ben DelVecchia got his first victory of the year with 13.34 lbs narrowly beating Sal Messina who had 13.32 for 2nd.  Jim Young captured third from the back of the boat with 10.37 lbs.  Ben also got the club lunker with a 4.96 largemouth.  Congrats to all!  

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7. Highland            09/30/2023 : 700am - 300pm​




Marc takes another victory at highland with 10.66 lbs!  Sal grabs second place with 6.82 and Ben takes third with 6.78 lbs.  TJ Slowkowski brought home the lunker pot with a 3.04 largemouth.  Congrats to all!  With only 1 tournament left it's down to a 2-man race for AOY.  Sal Messina has a 1 point lead over Ben DelVecchia.  Good luck at Candlewood!

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7. Candlewood 3            10/21/2023 : 730am - 330pm​




Ahmed Behery takes home his first CT Sweetwater Victory with 15 + lbs !  Marc Lampkin follows his Highland win with a second place here bringing 12.36 lbs to the scales, including a 4.26 lunker smallie.  Mick from the back of the boat took 3rd with 8.00 lbs even.  This finish solidified his top non-boater of the year award - congrats!  Ben DelVecchia finished 5th but it was good enough to earn him CT Sweetwater Angler of the Year 2023 - Congrats!  We'll see you all next year! 

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