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This page lists this year's Connecticut Sweetwater Bass Tournaments.  A quick summary of the results is available for each tournament.  To view the complete results, please see the photograph of the tournament spreadsheet in the corresponding slideshow of images

2017 BOATER PAIRING PROCESS  - A random drawing at the beginning of the season determines the original order of whom will be paired and unpaired for a given tournament.  This order will change throughout the season for those boaters who miss a tournament.  It will remain the same for those who attend.  See this spreadsheet for a further explanation and to view who has been or will be unpaired.  

Lake McDonough - 5.13.17 - 8:30am - 4:30pm​

Congrats to Cedric for winning his first CSWB tournament with a 10.13 bag.  This was his first time fishing as a boater in CSWB as well.  Mike S. took 2nd with 8.86 lbs while Dave took 3rd (8.82lbs) and lunker (3.43 lb smallie).  

CT River​ (Haddam) - 6.17.17 - 7:00am - 3:00pm

Jim took it home with 9.79 lbs.  Justin with his first top 2 with a solid 7.86lbs.  Marc took 3rd and lunker with 7.44 lbs anchored with a 4.88 lb Largie.

Candlewood Lake (Lattins) - 7.15.17 - 7am-3am


SUMMARY: Marc took home his first Sweetwater victory with 14.20 lbs.  Jim was a very close second with 14.17 lbs.  That's two tournaments in a row where they both finished in the top 3.  Mike B Jr. rounded out 3rd place with 11.38 lbs.  Lunker went to Jim with a 4.15 lb largemouth.  

Lake Lillinonah - 8.5.17 - 7am - 3pm - Steel Bridge


SUMMARY: Ernie blew everyone away with the largest bag so far this year - 16.70 lbs!  He also took lunker with a 4.89 largemouth.  Second place went to Mike B Jr who was the only other angler in double digits with 10.29 lbs.  Mike Iovino took third with 8.11.  At the half way point, Mike B Jr has a very slim lead for AOY with 281 points after dropping the lowest tournament.  Marc is in second with 279 while Jim has 278.   

Lake Zoar - 8.12.17 - 7am-3pm


SUMMARY:  Mike I took his first victory of the season with a 9.15 lb bag.  Congrats to Jeremiah, who earned his first CSWB payout!  He took 2nd place with a 8.28 lb bag.  Cedric took 3rd with 7.90 lbs.  Mike I took lunker with a 3.40 lb fish.  DQ's were earned by some club members for fishing off limits.

CT River 2 (Haddam) - 8.26.17 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY:  Congrats to Mike B Jr with his first Sweetwater victory!  He took first place with 8.95 lbs.  Adrian was a close second with 8.47lbs, while Dave took 3rd with 8.01.  Nick grabbed lunker with a 3.94 largemouth.

Candlewood Lake 2 - Lattins - 9.16.17 - 8am - 4pm


SUMMARY:  Mike I had an impressive bag of 18.27lbs for the win, all without the use of his trolling motor! Dave grabbed second place with 15.62 lbs of smallies.  He snatched lunker by .05 ounces with his 4.06 smallie.  Rounding out third was Ernie with a 9.30 lb mixed bag.  Dave has a 28 point lead in AOY over Mike I going into the last tournament; counting by 5's, that's only a 6-place differential.  Team points might be a big factor at Lilly.  Anything can happen!

Lake Lillinonah - 10.14.17 - 7:00am - 3:00pm​


SUMMARY:  Mike I makes it back-to-back tourney wins and back-to-back AOY titles.  Congratulations!  10.16 lbs gave him an easy victory over Ernie in second place with 6.33 lbs.  Nick finished an impressive season from the back of the boat with 3rd place and lunker.  See the Final Standings 2017 button at the top to see a wrap up of the Sweetwater 2017 season. 


4/8/17....... Lilly (Pond Brook)..... 7am-3pm


5/27/17..... POSTPONED.....

6/17/17......CT River 2(Haddam)...7am-3pm

7/15/17......Cwood (Lattins)..........7am-3pm

8/5/17........Lilly 1..........................Time TBA


8/26/17.......CT River (Haddam)....7am-3pm

9/16/17........Cwood 2(Lattins)........7am-3pm

10/14/17....Lilly 2 (Steel Bridge)...7am-3pm

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