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Scroll down to find a quick summary and full tournament results for each tournament. 


CT Sweetwater Bass Tournament Trail - 2022


5/7/22 - Candlewood (Squantz): 7:30am - 3:30pm
6/4/22 - CT River (Haddam Meadows): 7:00am - 3:00pm
6/11/22 - Lillinonah (Steel Bridge): 7:00am - 3:00pm
7/16/22 - Candlewood 2 (Squantz): 6:00am - 2:00pm
8/6/22 - Pachaug (State Launch): 6:00am - 2:00pm
8/20/22 - Lillinonah 2 (Steel Bridge): 6:00am - 2:00pm
9/17/22 - Twin Lakes (O’Hara’s Marina): 7:00am - 3:00pm
10/29/22 - Candlewood 3 (Squantz): 7:00am - 3:00pm


CT B.A.S.S. Nation Tournaments - 2022 (optional to club members)

CBN Trail 1 - Candlewood - 4/10/22 (mail in date: 3/27/22)

CBN Trail 2 - Candlewood - 5/1/22 (mail in date: 4/17/22)

CBN Trail 3 - CT River - 6/12/22 (mail in date: 5/31/22)

CBN Mr. BASS - Mansfield - 5/15/22  *top 2 anglers in Sweetwater AOY 2021 final standings qualify as boater & non-boater

CBN Classic - CT River - 8/7/22   *must qualify through finish on this year's CBN trail finish

CBN 2-Day State Championship -  Cwood - 10/1/22 & 10/2/22  (mail in date: 9/16/22) *any CBN member willing to pay entry

CBN Banquet is Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2022 at 5pm U.S.S. Chowder Pot in Hartford - see CBN Rep for more details


For Boater / Non-boater Current Pairings Spreadsheet & Pairing Process, please reach out to Jim Young our current Tournament Director.

1. Candlewood Lake          5/07/2022 :  7am - 3pm​




It was a rugged super windy day that felt like early April instead of early May.  Mike Swirzewski got the job done with a 12.36 lb mixed bag.  Taking 2nd place was Jim Young with 11.44 lbs.  Biggest fish went to non-boater John Najarian with a 4.48 lb largemouth.  Top non-boater was Ben DelVecchia with 5.46 lbs.  Congrats to all!


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2. CT River                                06/04/2022 :  630am - 330pm​




It was a crowded day on the Connecticut River, but Dave Gontarz got the job done with a solid 13.77 lbs of River Largemouth anchored by club lunker at 5.16 lbs.  Micky took 2nd place from the back of Dave's boat.  

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3. Lake Lillinonah               06/12/2022 :  7am - 3pm​




Ben took to the front of the boat for the first time as a CT Sweetwater member and won his first tournament with the club!  He managed 9.86 lbs on this tough, grind-it-out day.  Shayne Smyth grabbed 2nd place with 8.12 lbs and Micky got top non-boater with 4.94 lbs.  Congrats!

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4. Candlewood Lake           07/16/2022 :  7am - 3pm​




Jim had a great day bringing 5 big largies to the scales for a final weight of 17.88lbs and notching the win.  Dave took 2nd with 10.68 lbs.  First place non-boater for the first time goes to Todd Dean with 7.75 lbs.  Jim squeaked lunker away from Glenn by hundreds of ounces with a 5.05 largemouth!  Congrats to all!

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5. Pachaug Lake           08/06/2022 :  6am - 2pm​




Jim Young makes it two in a row bring 12.99 lbs of Largemouth to the scales.  Nate Casarella grabs a second place with 10.27 lbs.  Top non-boater AND lunker goes to Mickey Curran.  He caught 7.86 lbs anchored with a 5.02 lunker largemouth!  Congrats!

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6. Lake Lillinonah 2          08/19/2022 :  6am - 2pm​




Jim Young wins his third tournament in a row!  He did it with 12.49 lbs of Lillinonah Largemouth including his 3.99 club lunker!  Picking up second place was Mike Swirzewski who brought in 8.32 lbs to the scale.  Top non-boater went to Glenn Tavalozzi with 2.87 lbs.  Congrats!

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7. Twin Lakes           09/17/2022 :  7am - 3pm​




Jim Young wins his fourth tournament in a row!  He did it with 13.66 lbs of Twin Lake Largemouth including his 3.72 club lunker!  If that summary sounded familiar, it's exactly what we wrote up from the last tournament.  Talk about consistent!  One more win in a row and he ties a club record!  He's already locked up AOY for 2022!  Picking up second place was Sal Messina who brought in 11.22 lbs to the scale.  Top non-boater went to Todd Dean with 3.28 lbs.  Congrats!

Anchor 1

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8. Candlewood Lake           10/29/2022 :  7am - 3pm​




Dave Gontarz takes top spot with a 15.29 lb sack of smallies!   Marc Lampkin grabs second with 13.87 lbs while Ahmed Behery takes top non-boater with 5.75 lbs.  Taking lunker not just for this tournament but for the year (Smallie lunker) was Glenn Tavalozzi with a 4.67 lb smallmouth!  Jim Young is your 2022 Angler of the Year.  Congrats to all!

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