2015 Tournaments

This page lists this year's Connecticut Sweetwater Bass Tournaments.  A quick summary of the results is available for each tournament.  To view the complete results, please see the photograph of the tournament spreadsheet in the images on the left.  

Lake Zoar 4.11.15


Only 1 keeper caught by the entire club.  Harry took first place, while others took a tie for second.  There were 3 DQs because of boat problems.  Contact the tournament director for complete results.


Lake McDonough    5.9.15


Congrats to Jim Y with the victory.  2nd-year angler Jim C gets 2nd place.  Marc finishes third.  

Cwood 5/2015

Candlewood Lake 1   5.30.15


Harry brought in the biggest sack with 14.36 lbs.  Mike finishes second backed  by a 4.53 largie.  Jim C with another solid finish picks up 3rd.

CT River 6/2015

CT River    6.20.15


Dave picks up the win on the river where he usually always fishes solid.  Jim Young gets 2nd with only 1 fish, and newcomer Adrian picks up 3rd.  We had a DQ of two anglers, both with solid limits that would have put them close to the top.  

CSWB Lilly Results -2015.jpg

Lake Lillinonah   7.18.15


Mike Iovino brings in an impressive bag of fish with 13.41lbs.  After fish-care penalties his final weight of 11.91 was still enough to take the win.  Harry finishes second with 11.01lbs while Adrian goes back-to-back with another 3rd place finish.

Ernie Bantam Lunker - 491lb - 2015_edited.jpeg

Bantam Lake    8.9.15

Mike Iovino gets his second win in a row with 15.91 lbs.  His nearest competition was 11 lbs fewer with 4.91lbs.  Ernie's 4.91 came all from 1 largie (pictured left) that got him second place and lunker.  Harry picked up 3rd with 4.40.



Twin Lakes    8.15.15


Mike wins his 3rd tournament in a row with a 10.97 bag.  Harry is a close second with 10.31 and Ernie grabs 3rd place with 7.52.  

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Candlewood Lake    9.12.15

 Mike wins his 4th tournament in a row with a 12.15 bag.  Harry is a close second with 11.52 and Adrian grabs yet another 3rd place with 9.99lbs.   





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CT River 6/2015